Elevage des Artigues
Melosa XIII

Melosa XIII, cerrado Romero Benitez, from Insurrecto III and Revoltosa XIII, is born in march 1995.
Centuries work of selection have concentrated the best qualities.
She is an outstanding mare of rare beauty, the perfect model with exceptional movements and a character of gold. Melosa mesures 15.3hands ( 1,58m ).
Unique in France and rare in the rest of the world we are conscious of her genetic value and we feel privileged and honored to breed with such a wonderful mare.
Melosa gave birth in...

2002 Oceano des Artigues ( de Lotero II )
2003 Poseido des Artigues ( de Festejado VI )
2005 Romero des Artigues ( de Sevillano XXV )
2006 Safiro des Artigues ( de Gorrion G )
2007 Tesoro des Artigues ( de Gorrion G )
2009 Vencedor (de Gorrion G)