Elevage des Artigues

François Roux, Karl Uwe Boettcher, Dania Boettcher Roux

It is in march 2002 when our stud farm started with the arrival of Melosa XIII, in foal by Lotero II, and a foal of 10 months, Insurrecto 3 (Insurrecta 1978 x Quimico III).
Meanwhile, the origins of Elevage des Artigues comes from a long line of selection, continued by my uncle, Don Carlos Boettcher.

Former jumping- and dressage-rider in the north of Germany, Don Carlos’ passion for the Spanish horse started in the early sixties when he discovered the breed whilst travelling through Spain. He was immediately captivated and a very short time afterward purchased his first stallion from Terry in Jerez de la Frontera.

Living on Gran Canaria he started his selection and breeding at Los Montes outside Sevilla, at the property of Don Francisco Lopez Martin de Vargas where he bought his first breeding mares in the ’80’s.

The closed borders between Spain and the rest of Europe (caused by the African Horse Sickness,AHS) obliged Don Carlos to keep his horses in Spain .
In 1991 he was able to start his stud farm Gestuet Grimmstal in the North of Germany with the first 9 mares, all sourced from the same prestigious bloodline: The old Romero Benitez.


Gestüt Grimmstal

The stallions Llamado (Moreno Lovera), Indiano XIV ( Don Francisco Lopez Martin de Vargas), Atlantico 1981 (Don Juan Gomez Cuetara) and Quimico III (Las Lumbreras) became the selected breeding stallions to continue the carthusian bloodlines.

Gestuet Grimmstal in the late nineties, was the biggest Cartujano studfarm in Europe outside Spain (with more than 70 horses).


Don Carlos et Thomas Boettcher

For health reasons, Don Carlos was unfortunately forced to retire, the stud farm was closed and his horses were returned to Spain. However the stallions Sevillano XXV and Gorrion G were retained and when we visited my Uncle in February 2002 he asked us to continue in his spirit and use his brand.

This was the beginning of the “Elevage des Artigues”. Melosa XIII arrived in March 2002 closely followed by a ten month old foal, Insurrecto 3 (Insurrecta1978 and Quimico III).
Nine months later still, my uncles two treasured stallions joined us and the bloodline is once more assured.