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Gorrion G
Gorrion G
1998 Gorrion was born in Gestuet Grimmstal in the north of Germany from Quimico III and Delicada XIV.

2003 Vice champion of France in functionality *
2004 Champion of France in functionality*
2005 Vice champion of France in functionality*
Gorrion starts official dressage competition with fantastic results : six 1.places, four 2.places, two 3.places with an average of 67 %.

2006 Vice champion in functionality*
Champion of France*
Champion of the breed*

Gorrion is the produce of a prolonged intense selection of the Cartujano Bloodlines, this has created his gentle and charismatic nature. Gorrion has great presence, he employs graceful movement with superb suspension, extension and cadence. He has an enthusiastic approach to all activities this rewards his rider and creates a truly pleasurerable environment that emphasize his prestigious pedigree.
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*Championship of France of the Pura Raza Espaņola, international championship since 2005.