Elevage des Artigues
Romero des Artigues

Romero des Artigues was born in may 2005, from Sevillano XXV and Melosa XIII (closed Romero Benitez).

His bloodlines of the old Romero Benitez are very rare and appreciated all over the world.
Romero is the produce of a severe selection, that comes in the direct lines from the Cartujanos, lead over the Romanitos to the Zapatas, then further over Romero Benitez to Martin Lopez de Vargas and finally to Gestuet Grimmstal, where Don Carlos and Thomas Boettcher continued the selection.

Romero has a lovely character, he is obedient and curios. He has a beautiful head and a harmonic exterior.
He has soft and swinging movements and a
powerful trot. The photo of his grandfather,
Indiano XIV, is on our “reception” page.